Boy shot in mouth with BB Gun

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - A 10-year-old boy is shot in the mouth with a BB gun and he says his older brother pulled the trigger.

The shooting happened at the Landmark Apartments on Stately Court in Petersburg.

The family calls the incident a terrible accident.

You'd never know what happened to Vyquan Grades by looking at him.

On Saturday, Vyquan and his big brother, 11-year-old Vyshawn, were playing with a BB gun when something went wrong.

"When I shot the can  it went through the can and hit him in the mouth," said Vyshawn.

A metal BB was lodged in Vyquan's tongue.

"I felt something went in my mouth and I started spitting up blood," said Vyquan.

He was frightened and in pain.

"It felt like my tongue was burning," he added.

Vyquan ran to his home on Stately Court.

The boys' mother, Takelia Mills, says the incident is unbelievable. She called 9-1-1.

"I was scared -- really scared because it could have been worse," said Mills.

Mills says her boys have played with BB guns in the past -- but this was the first time they used metal BB's instead of the plastic ones.

"No more guns for them.  I think they learned a lesson -- I really do because it scared both of them and their friends," said Mills.

A doctor removed the BB from Vyquan's tongue -- all that's left is a scar.

"They had to do a cut under here and that's how they got it out," said Vyquan.

Vyshawn says he feels terrible and is sorry.

"I just felt so bad," said Vyshawn.

Both boys say they no longer plan on shooting BB's at cans -- they'll find other was ways to have fun.

Mills says she's thankful both of her boys are okay.

Petersburg Police responded to the incident.

There will be no charges -- because the shooting was an accident.