Travel insurance: What to look for when storms hit

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you have tropical vacation plans, you might want to keep an eye on potential storms.  Hurricane season is ramping up.  Travel insurance is a good option, but you need to know what you are paying for.

Whether you booked your trip online or through a travel agency, it might not be too late to get insurance, and there are a number of different options out there.

Travel Agent, Stephanie Goff, says, "It's not too late; some insurances, you can still purchase up until a week before you travel."

Stephanie Goff is a travel agent at AAA's Willow Lawn location.  She's seeing more and more people buy travel insurance.

Goff says, "I'm seeing it really increase; the sales on travel insurance. You are spending a lot of money on a vacation, and to have that peace of mind, it makes the whole experience just better."

Though he's not going on vacation soon, Monday morning on 12 News Today, Andrew Freiden was on your side, paying close attention to the tropics.

Freiden says, "This is a storm that's still out in the middle of the Atlantic and could impact you if you have a tropical vacation planned over the next to 10 days maybe in the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic."

He even questioned a member of our NBC 12 family, a producer who's leaving for a cruise at the end of this week.

Freiden says, "Tasha, how you feeling about the forecast there?  Thumbs up; thumbs down?Yeah, she's giving it a thumbs down."

That "thumbs down" attitude is shared by many who have upcoming travel plans.  Travel insurance is one way to feel more positive about your trip, but here's the catch, some insurances cover situations like illness and death but not weather events; so, if that's what you're worried about, read the fine print.  Cost varies depending upon what you buy.

Goff says, "Any travel insurance that you look into and decide to purchase, you want to be sure what it covers, and just get clarification on that; for example, some insurances you can cancel for any reason, and here at AAA, we have packages that give you that coverage."

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