Richmond Police Sergeant in court for embezzlement

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – More than $10,000 gone! And a Richmond Police sergeant is being blamed. Sergeant Michael Talley was arraigned Friday on three charges of embezzlement after a Richmond Police Department investigation.

Sergeant Talley has been with the department since July of 2001. The indictment alleges he stole at least $200 from at least three sources. We've learned it was a lot more.

Sergeant Talley is a 10 year veteran with the Richmond Police Department. Today, however, he's on leave without pay accused of stealing money from police organizations. An indictment shows three charges dating back to as late as July of 2009.

Talley allegedly stole more than $10,000 from those organizations. $6,000 from the Richmond Coalition of Police, $4,000 from the Richmond Police Athletic League which works with young people, and about $400 from a fundraiser for an injured officer.

"Just like you and I get up every day to go to work, unfortunately there are some criminals that get up thinking about what their jobs are for the day," said Sergeant Talley.

We spoke to him back in June last year in a story we did about home break-ins. He often spoke to the media about crime prevention. Tonight, he did not respond to our attempts for comment about the crimes he allegedly committed.

The Richmond Police Department isn't answering any questions about the charges either but it's clear to see what they once thought of Sergeant Talley. Their website showed a picture of him holding an award for Officer of the Month and in another photo he's seen shaking hands with the chief.

Tonight Chief Bryan Norwood released a statement saying in part "It is a sad day when an officer is accused of wrongdoing….Our mission remains the same…to provide the best possible service to this community."

Talley is scheduled to be in court on August 23rd. Of course we'll continue to follow this story.

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond police officer is charged with embezzlement. Sergeant Michael Talley was arraigned today on three counts. The 10-year veteran of the department is currently on non-paid leave.

Police aren't answering any questions today about these charges but we did get our hands on an indictment that details those charges against Sergeant Michael Talley.

These charges date back to July 1 of 2009. Tally is accused of stealing more than $200 from the Police Athletic League and money from a fundraiser for another officer. Published reports indicate the total sum to be more than $10,000.

These charges stem from an investigation by the Richmond Police Department and the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. Talley is on leave without pay.

He's been with the department since July of 2001. Calls to say the Commonwealth Attorney's Office in Richmond have not been returned.
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