New email address for VCU complaints

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Living next to a large university like VCU isn't always easy. Now there's a new way you can try and get some answers. The school has created a new email address,, for neighbors to send their concerns.

VCU is a big school so some neighbors say they're not sure where to go when they have a question or concern. Now you can send an email to one address and VCU will direct your concern to the person best equipped to handle it.

Throw more than 30,000 students into a major city and you'll probably run into a few problems.

"It's a large part of the city itself," said Jared Hayslett. "You really can't do anything down here without being involved with what's going on at VCU."

Hayslett says he probably wouldn't use the email address, but he knows plenty of people that would.

"I hear people discuss things all the time," he said. "(They talk) about some of the frustrations of living down in the area around VCU and running into problems with parking, noise and foot traffic."

He says he agrees that sending an email would be more convenient than picking up the phone and calling.

"I have to have enough time to do it," Hayslett said. "Whereas if I can punch out a text or an email or something real quick about a concern or a question, it's a whole lot easier to do."

Stephanie Law lives in Oregon Hill. She hasn't run into any problems with VCU students yet, but she says she'd use this new email address if she does.

"VCU is really big and sometimes things get jumbled," Law said. "Maybe having one email address would make things more helpful."

She says she's tried calling the university before, but she got tired of being put on hold.

"Shooting an email is much easier," Law said. "(It's) much more accessible to people so they can feel like they can get their voice heard."

VCU's newly created Neighborhood Team is running the email address, which has been up for about a month. This group has organized several neighborhood cleanups and helped police identify problem areas.

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