Forest Hill Avenue neighbors saying 'Save Our Street'

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Neighbors are sending out a SOS to the City of Richmond. Some people are upset with the city's plan to overhaul Forest Hill Avenue from the Powhite Parkway down to Hathaway Road. But, we found out the problem may be a miscommunication.

"Save our Streets," That's the plea from Betty Tillman-Harris.

The city is looking at making things safer by adding a median, curbs, sidewalks, bike lanes and more.

Betty is on board with that plan. "I have three children that go to Huguenot High School so of course I want the sidewalks because people don't give them a break going to the school bus," she said.

Biker Cabell Cunningham knows all about those dangers. She bikes there often. "It's awful. I tend to want to come in the morning because in the afternoon, people are coming off the expressway and it's way too intense," she said.

The two agree on the safety aspect and the two agree and losing property is a concern too.

That's why Betty -- along with her neighbors -- are saturating their front lawns with the signs, all to send a message straight to the city.

"If they are going to be going to here, near these trees, it will be okay. But, going 25 feet, I'm concerned it's going to go to my front door," adds Betty.

That is the problem. Rumors are swirling and Betty keeps hearing different information about the plan.

So, we checked in with the city. We're told the plan is to only to take up to 10 feet of property from people living here. In fact, we're learning some people may not lose any property at all.

Betty said if that's all true, she'll pull these signs out of her front lawn. Only time will tell what happens next.

The project is far from being a done deal. It needs the approval of the City before going forward.

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