Recipient also gets corporate match

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A road trip took us to Chester's Priority Toyota to meet a very driven 17-year-old.

"I want to run my own business eventually," said Kevin Clemmons.

Fresh out of Thomas Dale High School Kevin Clemmons has charted an ambitious course.

"Own my own corporation. I'm looking at maybe going into cargo operations," he said.

And he's already got the wheels in motion.

"This is all you, you got everybody together," Sabrina said.

Topping his priorities: team building and the well being of his co-workers like Lori Yorger.

"She's funny, sweet, innocent; she will put a smile on your face," Kevin said. "She lost her husband a couple of weeks ago; I don't like to see people in pain like that. I wanted to extend my hand and let her know that I care, and that we care, and that we will be by her side."

Kevin arranged an Act of Kindness surprise.

KEVIN: "Lori you have some people who need to see you."
SABRINA: "We're with Channel 12. So nice to meet you. You are beloved by your co-workers and one in particular thinks highly of you."

SABRINA: "And there're some folk out here waiting to see you so we'll follow you, Ms. Sunshine."
LORI: "Yeah I'm Ms. Sunshine, but I've lost my sunshine, but I'm trying to get better."
SABRINA: "Well your co-workers want to help."
LORI: "I was looking for everybody, everyone was gone." 
KEVIN: "Lori I just want to thank you for bringing everyone joy here, you've brought a lot of joy to me and on behalf of NBC12's random Acts of Kindness I'm here to present to you $100, $200, $300."
LORI: "Thank you, thank you everybody!"

DENNIS ELLMER WITH PRIORITY TOYOTA OF RICHMOND: "Lori we'd like to match what NBC12 and Kevin have done for you and get you another $300, so congratulations."

Lori hugs Dennis as the crowd applauds.

DENNIS: "You are welcome, but thank Kevin, because he is the one that did all of it..."
KEVIN: "Lori you deserve it, you deserve it so much."
LORI: "Guys I miss him a lot but it's meant a lot. For all of you guys to be here for me because it's been really hard and I thank you all, I really do, I had him for 20 years but he died doing what he liked the most. He was on the water."

Lori says she her beloved husband Carl came to Richmond six years ago to help with storm recovery.

"He was just really nice, he fixed everything and I'm always breaking everything," she said.

But Carl couldn't fix cancer or his bad heart. He had a heart attack on a boat June 26th.

"He did a 360. It was kinda like he was saying goodbye and then he died. Oh my goodness," Lori said.

Lori says she and their pets will likely stay in Virginia, she's grateful to have a job and friends who care.

LORI: "They're good friends."
SABRINA: "And great co-workers."
LORI: "I know thank you."

And she says they really did surprise her.

LORI: "Bryan was like stay here, I said stay here for what there's nobody around."
SABRINA: "It's nice to see a smile."
KEVIN: "See what I mean she makes you laugh right?"

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