OBX shark bite victim forgives shark

GREENVILLE, NC (WWBT) - The 6 year old Durham, N.C., girl who was bitten by a shark last week on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks is scheduled to leave the hospital this Tuesday afternoon.  She was bitten twice and had severed muscles and tendons in her leg.

Lucy Mangum says she's forgiven the shark that bit her on the leg.

Exactly one week ago, Lucy was on her boogie board in shallow water off North Carolina's Ocracoke Island.

Her mother was just a few feet away when she heard Lucy scream.  Jordan Mangum said she saw the shark's fin near her daughter and rushed to her.

The shark bit severed muscles, an artery and Lucy's Achilles tendon.   She's had two surgeries this week.

Her parents recounted what happened this morning on the Today Show.

"We knew right away that this was something that would require extensive surgery and reconstruction," said her father Craig Mangum. "I didn't know exactly the extent of the wound but I knew when I looked at it it was pretty significant."

Doctors in Greenville, N.C., said Lucy should be running and playing in about six weeks.

She told her parents that she's forgiven the shark, but still prefers dolphins.

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