Five injured after boating accident in Middlesex County

URBANNA, VA (WWBT) - Two people are in the hospital after a serious boating accident on the Rappahannock River. It happened right off Urbanna Creek in Middlesex County shortly after 5:00 Saturday morning.

A 22 foot boat crashed into a rockwall in the marina. Investigators found empty beer cans and liquor bottles inside. In all, five people were onboard and a criminal investigation is now underway after investigators found the boat did not belong to those operating the vessel. Police say it's likely the the boat was stolen.

Deniese Proffit and Tina Thompson docked their boat Saturday afternoon only feet from where the accident happened.

"The attitude is, it's a big playground out here and they got to think twice about that," said Proffit. "It's not really a playground just to get wild in. You got to be more responsible. Think about your actions and what it might do to someone else."

John Bull with Virginia Marine Police says this accident could have been a lot worse.

"They hit it dead on here," Bull said pointed to a section of the jetty. "They gauged a two foot hole in the keel of the boat and threw these kids every which way."

Bull says alcohol-related accidents are happening on the Rappahannock far too often.

"It's perfectly fine to be out on the water and have a few drinks, but alcohol and boating do not mix when operating a vessel," he said. "Do not do it. It's against the law."

Three of the passengers on the boat were taken to a local hospital, were treated and released. The two still in the hospital are expected to be okay. Middlesex County Police are now investigating the stolen boat allegations. Those involved could face breaking-and-entering as well as theft charges for taking the boat on a joyride.

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