Vultures taking over Varina neighborhood

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – Imagine walking out of your house everyday and the one thought going through your head is "please don't let a vulture swoop down at me!" That situation has become the plight of residents in one Varina neighborhood and they're fed up.

It's like a scene from a Hitchcock movie you have to see to believe. Vultures are on the roofs.

"I stopped and I literally counted 40 buzzards," recalled Lloyd Lowe.

Vultures are on the streets.

"They were just all lined up there," Lowe explained. "As I'm going by the bird makes this bleep noise and all this nasty mess comes out of its mouth and it's vomiting."

Vultures are making residents in Almond Creek Estates scared to work in their yards.

"Sometimes they swoop down and get kind of low sometimes," Lowe said. "You can see they're a big bird. They're a huge bird. They're not small at all. So, you will be leery."

They take over the skies, leave feathers everywhere and peck away at property. One trampoline was summer fun for the kids, until these guys got to it. The plastic lining is chomped away; now only springs remain.

The East End Landfill, where many of these vultures congregate, is just about a quarter of a mile away. Lowe said in his 17 years living in Almond Creek, the birds have never ventured this far into the neighborhood.

"So I'm just like what's changed," he wondered. "Why all the sudden are they stopping to give us these unwanted visits?"

The folks who live there have contacted Henrico Animal Control officers, who are working with the USDA. We've learned vultures are protected by federal law and eradication efforts usually require permits.

'They're just a nasty thing that we just would like to see go away," Lowe said.

Residents are hoping to hear back from county and federal authorities sometime in the next two weeks.

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