Men show off their beards at "Lincoln" casting call

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A busy day at the Richmond Convention Center, where hundreds of long haired and bearded men lined up for their shot at fame. They tried out to be extras for Steven Spielberg's new Lincoln movie shooting in Richmond this fall.

People have been lining up here since 10 this morning and we've seen it all, from Civil War re-enactors to graphic designers, retirees, account managers and chiropractors - everyone is growing a beard looking for their 15 minutes.

"This is an opportunity. Richmond doesn't get opportunities like this. So we should definitely take advantage," said Perry Taylor.

Hollywood hopefuls, sporting beards, for a chance to work in the background, near Daniel Day Lewis or Sally Field with Steven Spielberg yelling "cut!"

Camila Kromer surprised her 91-year-old dad..."He didn't even know where he was going this morning, but I said, you know daddy in your day you looked like Lawrence Oliver. You might as well look like Abraham Lincoln," she said.

RACHEL: "What do you think of the possibility of being in a movie directed by Steven Spielberg."
RAY KROMER: "That'd be nice. If I don't have too much acting to do to get around."

There were professional actors in town, just plain professionals, professional Civil War re-enactors, and first timers, bitten by the bug.

"I like the topic and ah...I rarely get a chance to break out the beaver hat," said actor John Daniel Pagano.

"I'm a transplanted Yankee. Don't tell anybody. But I play a Rebel," said Civil War re-enactor Howard Jenkins.

"Just thought maybe I'd try my hand at it. I have done acting at church and plays and stuff," said John Seaborne.

A lot of people here are Civil War re-enactors, and many of them are off to Manassas after this to reenact the first battle of Bull Run.

Ladies, don't worry. You will get your shot to be an extra next month.  The studio is planning a casting call for woman and children in August. As soon as we have a date, we'll pass that on to you.

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