Possible record-breaking power usage today

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -- With today's heat, crews at Dominion Virginia Power are dealing with what could possibly be an all-time record amount of power used in just one day here in the Commonwealth.

All it takes is a few minutes outside-- and you know it's toasty... to say the least.

"It's terrible. I don't like being out here at all," says Lori Payne. Chances are -- Lori isn't alone. She's heading home to cool off and she hopes the AC is still cranking when she gets there.

Over at Dominion Virginia Power, crews are working hard to make sure the power stays on, despite what could be a record-breaking day!Not just for the temps, but breaking the all time record for power usage in one day.

Just about a month ago, crews put a brand new generating system online in Buckingham County in anticipation of the big heat we could see today, tomorrow and in the future.

"That's providing a lot of additional electric supply and that's coming in handy on days like today," says David Botkins with Dominion Power.

Crews are also working on replacing outdated transformers. The work is already underway in Northern Virginia and in a few weeks it will start here in Richmond.

Dominion is also chipping to save some energy. Inside the main building, crews are making sure that every other light is off. In fact, about 50 percent of the lights in the building are off. Also, crews are turning off some of the lights completely in some offices, to save energy too.

Lori is following through with her part too. She's keeping the amount of power she uses when she's not home, at a minimum.

"Put the temperature back up because usually no one is home that's how we save," says Lori.

Save everyone from sweating it out, without power. Crews say there were no problems throughout the day.

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