Hot nights can be dangerous

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Another dangerous day of heat is in store for the Richmond area, but experts say the heat isn't just dangerous during the day.

The heat can also take a toll when the sun has gone down. If we don't get below 80 degrees, problems can start.

Experts say we need the temperature to cool down further to provide relief. Homes without air conditioning don't get a chance to cool off, and the ones that do need to run the a/c longer.

There could also be trouble with livestock and crops. We could all end up paying for that in a few months at the grocery store.

The biggest group at risk from the heat is the elderly, but there is help out there.

Senior Connections has a fan care program. Anyone 60 and older can get a fan or cooling assistance.

There are some requirements you have to meet. Call 343-3005, leave your name, address, and phone number, and someone will call you back.

Heat waves, like the one currently hitting several states, kill more people than hurricanes and snow storms.

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