Speeding still a problem in Chesterfield neighborhood

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A follow up to a story we first brought you in March about a problem with speeders in one Chesterfield neighborhood.

People who live in the Great Oaks subdivision, between Genito and Qualla roads, said it hasn't gotten any better.

We staked out Rollingway Road, which neighbors said is a cut-through for drivers. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour. But we clocked people going much faster than that. One neighbor said  he's had his car damaged, another tells me his mailbox has been taken out by speeders.

Lester White has had to replace his mailbox, not once, but twice, he said thanks to speeders.

"We never knew who it was. They kept on going," said White.

Lester said Rollingway Road is more like a raceway.

"In the afternoon it's like a race track and in the morning it's the same way," said White.

We put drivers to the test with our radar gun. Most kept it at around 25 mph like the posted limit we clocked at least one at 40.

Margaret Connor said she's also watched people zip by.

"(About how fast would you say people are going through here?) I would say about 35," said Connor.

Connor said there aren't enough signs to get the message across.

"Just make sure they put up more speed limit signs because after you pass 25 there they don't realize it's 25 further down," said Connor.

We first visited the neighborhood in March. Back then, police told us they had investigated four crashes in the neighborhood, wrote 11 tickets and ran radar 125 times. That was over the last two years.

I checked the numbers from March until now. Police tell me they've been out for traffic enforcement 14 times. That includes radar, watching for stop sign runners and just keeping a presence on the streets.

Lester said he hasn't noticed a difference.

"I wish they'd catch a few of them. That's the only thing I wish," said White.

Police tell me the neighborhood is on the regular rotation for traffic enforcement on top of routine patrols.

Homeowners tell us the evening hours are the worst, especially on Fridays when people are rushing home for the weekend.

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