New victim comes forward, more charges expected

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – NBC12 has uncovered disturbing new details in the case of an alleged sexual predator who used Facebook to lure young boys. Police told us since our story aired last week, another victim has come forward and more charges are expected against James Dollins of Louisa.

The more detectives discover about Dollins, the scarier they said it gets. He allegedly created a fake online persona to trick his victims. We've found out he had contact with children outside of cyberspace.

It is difficult to forget the elaborate farce police said James Dollins executed in pursuit of his victims. When they found the fake Facebook page under the name "Kelly Redkin" and five victims, they wondered how many more boys and pages are out there.

In the week since our story aired, Louisa authorities said they've learned more. An 18-year-old, who was a juvenile when he allegedly had contact with Dollins, has come forward. Det. Patrick Siewert explained the MO is similar. The victim exchanged pictures, text messages and packages with the "Kelly Redkin" character. This time police said the 42-year-old went further and possibly stalked the teen at his home.

"There's evidence that maybe Mr. Dollins was going a little bit further with getting closer to personal contact with some additional victims," Siewert said.

Now we're learning more about Dollins' lifestyle. We're told he's single and worked as a courier for a company in Charlottesville. What scares law enforcement even more is that he was active in his church and helped with their youth groups.

A former roommate told investigators Dollins' computer was on lockdown and he had separate logons including one for Kelly.

"He had his work life and he had a life that nobody else really had any knowledge of," Siewert explained.

With alleged victims in Henrico, Chesterfield and Louisa, detectives are repeating their original inquiries.

"My guess is that there's more that we still don't know about."

If you're wondering about the girl in the pictures, police still don't know who she is. Siewert thinks Dollins could have snagged the photos from a profile and the girl could be anywhere.

Dollins, who remains behind bars without bond, will be back in Louisa court Friday for an arraignment.

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