Police say dog left in crate without access to food and water

Darnell Drew, Jr.
Darnell Drew, Jr.

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Outrage from people in one Chester neighborhood where police said a dog was left to die at a vacant house. The dog was found dead last month at a home on Appleford Court.

This case is upsetting to people who live in the Villages of Longmeadow. Some of them heard the dog barking inside this house, but by the time authorities got a search warrant the dog was dead.

Buck Shaw thought it was odd when he heard a dog barking next door. No one's lived there since November.

"It's frankly disgusting to have something like this happen. A dog can't take care of himself. The dog didn't ask to be put in there and certainly didn't ask to be left to die," said Shaw.

Police said Darnell Drew, Jr. left a dog in a crate without a way to get to food and water and likely died of starvation. Animal control came out June 26th.

A search warrant affidavit states an officer saw the dog alive and active and posted a note on the front door. The next day, another officer, found it dead. Drew was arrested two weeks later.

The house belongs to Wes Swope, Drew's roommate, who believes the dog was there for two to three days, but wasn't aware of it.

"I knew of no knowledge of a dog being at the house," said Swope.

Swope said Drew took in a small poodle when a co-worker couldn't care for it.

"Darnell decided he would try to either find a home for it; either take care of it himself or take it to the SPCA, give it to a pound or shelter and actually tried to, but the shelters were full," said Swope.

Right now, there's sweat just pouring down my face, It's noon and it's 87 degrees outside similar to what the temperature was late last month when neighbors heard a dog barking inside this house.

"The air conditioning and the heating unit is gone in it so I just came back from there it's like 97 in the house," said Swope.

There's no running water either. Swope said Drew's friends may have stopped by with bottled water.

"As far as I know there was no one that ever came by," said Shaw.

Shaw said there are people in the neighborhood who would have helped.

"If you took the owner and you put him in the cage in a house like this and left him for three or four days, that wouldn't be enough," said Shaw.

Drew will appear in court later this week for a pre-trial hearing. He remains in jail. One animal expert tells us, leaving a dog enclosed in a house like that is like leaving one in a hot car.

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