Clear surveillance video shows crime suspects

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two different crimes at two different Richmond businesses are under investigation right now. Police have some pretty clear pictures of the suspects, thanks to some very good surveillance video.

The first crime happened on Saturday at the Family Dollar in the 2900 block of North Avenue. The second crime happened Monday morning at Westwood Pharmacy near the intersection of Libby and Patterson.

You can see in the surveillance video from the Westwood Pharmacy, the bold move by the suspect: Jumping over the counter of the pharmacy and then moving from aisle to aisle, looking for what appears to be some drugs.

The quality of the video is a huge plus for investigators to help catch the guy. "We don't need to see his face in this case. With that bandage, and that tattoo and outfit in general," said Gene Lepley with Richmond Police.

Then we have another man, in what almost looks like a Facebook profile picture. This is from Saturday morning at the Family Dollar on North Avenue.

"This is a full on shot of the suspect who used a weapon to rob the cashier. This is a perfect example of what good quality surveillance video can do for our investigation," says Lepley.

Newman Ainsley works at the Westwood Pharmacy and he knows how important it is to make sure these cameras are top notch, in case something like this happens.

"If we didn't have such good video we'd be lost right now," says Newman.

Problem is, the video is not always this good and that's frustrating to investigators working hard to solve crimes like this.

"There are so many times detectives get photo and video from surveillance equipment and it's just unusable it muddy and sometimes nothing is being recorded at times," Lepley said.

Lepley says the police department will actually go out and check out your home and businesses for safety and that includes any camera's you may have. Investigators will let you know if they see a problem.

But no problem here with these two cameras at the two businesses hit by crime-- except the problem these two guys may soon be facing -- time behind bars for their crime.

If you know anything about these crimes, call Crime Stoppers (804) 780-1000.

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