Ashland conducting survey about website upgrade

ASHLAND, VA (WWBT) – Leaders in Ashland are working to revamp the town's website.  They want to make it easier for folks living and working there to get the formation they need, and they want your help.

The Economic Development Office has been keeping track of the numbers and is finding that more and more people are using the town of Ashland's website, but the problem is people aren't always finding what they want or need.

It's now the mainstream for people to search out their information online, and the town of Ashland wants to catch up.  The current website is a bit outdated and not always easy to use.

"Technology changes so quickly, and it's up to us and town to make sure that we are up to date, and that's part of this website overhaul," said Economic Development Coordinator Alexis Thompson.

Right now, it appears people's searches change based on the time of year.

"In the summertime, people are very interested in the pool hours and how to get a pool pass or when a parade might be happening, but then in the winter and fall, it might be more about leaf pick up or the fall festivities or holiday festivities," Thompson said.

In a web survey that's circulating in Ashland, you can weigh in on what you want to see.

"We are asking why do you use the website, what are you looking for, what is the most challenging aspect of the website and then what would you really like to see," Thompson said.

One major component will be making the website user-friendly for a variety of languages.

"That allows residents who don't speak English and also tourists from maybe the DC Area or up from Richmond to access information in Ashland.  We see a lot of people are searching Ashland from Northern Virginia, from the Richmond area and from Charlottesville, so we have kind of that regional attraction that we'd like to leverage," Thompson said.

Town leaders are also making an effort to integrate social media so you can follow the website updates from Facebook and Twitter.  They hope to launch production of the new and improved Ashland website by this fall.

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