Plans to euthanize geese "Highly Unlikely"

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - An update now on the Canterbury Lake community in Henrico where some residents want to euthanize a gaggle of pesky geese.

It looks like plans to round-up the  animals have been scrapped -- at least for now. The United States Department of Agriculture says it's no longer feasible to round-up the geese. Alternate techniques are being considered.

"At this point if we attempt to capture them they'd probably just fly away," said Scott Barras, USDA Wildlife Services State Director.

After getting calls from neighbors who say the animals are aggressive and destructive -- the USDA mapped out a plan to trap and kill the geese during a time period when the animals were losing their flight feathers.

"So what that means is once a year, for a period of 2-3 weeks, Canada geese can't fly," said Barras.

That 2-3 week period is over. Non-lethal options are being considered. It's what the Floyd family wants to hear. They led the charge to "Save the Geese."

"Just to find an alternate way to deal with wildlife and send our children a good message that we don't have to kill things because they make us unhappy," said Patricia Floyd.

The USDA says it will continue to come out to the neighborhood and monitor the animals.

Barras says the department will likely use noise makers and other methods to coax the birds into moving on.

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