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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Dr. Tania Akers has the skinny on hives at Primary Health Group-Retreat.

Hives are raised bumps caused by irritation in the upper layers of the skin.  Hives show up quickly (within minutes) and fade within hours.  They can occur on any part of the body and cause itching or flushing of the skin.  

Hives can be caused by many things such as: colds, infections, allergies to food, pollutants in the air, things that touch the skin, insect stings or bites, medicines, heat, cold, or pressure, exercise or rarely a serious medical condition. 

The most important treatment is avoiding things that  cause hives or known triggers.   When avoidance is impossible, no trigger is identified and symptoms still persist antihistamines may be effective.  You should see your doctor to discuss the right medicine for you and the appropriate dosage(s).  If symptoms continue, you may require prescription medications (such prednisone or singulair).

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