String of overnight arsons in Hopewell

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - A string of fires overnight in shakes up several neighborhoods.

Daniel Moore says the explosion of the tire woke him up. Someone had set fire to his wife's car.

"They had a clothes hanger pushed down into the tank and they had a rag tied around that and set it on fire and once it started to burn, the paint just dripped down on the tire, the tire exploded which was what alarmed me something was burning. I just heard an explosion. I came out I see flames coming on the side of the car," said Moore.

Police say Moore's car was last on the list of the string of arsons.

Earlier in the night, two other cars were set on fire just blocks up from Moore's home on Granby Street.

"This is senseless. It's senseless, its vandalism; destroying people's property and at this point I'm tired of it," said Moore.

Police were busy overnight, calls started coming in shortly after 1 a.m. First a trash bin, then car, then another trash bin, then two more cars.

A mother of three noticed the burned down trash bin on her block and knew something was odd but had no idea someone was going around deliberately committing arson.

"I told my little boy look, look at the trash can, somebody set the trash can on fire, but it's something because I had no idea this had happened overnight," said Monique Hill.

Nearby on Waverly Street, the owner of the second car set on fire said luckily his is still drivable. He saw a burning trash bin placed on top of his car.

If you have any information that can help bring this arsonists to justice, contact Hopewell police.

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