Dinwiddie man sought in case of stolen catalytic converters

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - This week's featured fugitive is Kenneth Stevens. He's wanted by the Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office for grand larceny.

Back in January, Jerry Browder was opening up his towing and service center in Dinwiddie when he noticed something wrong with the cars on his lot.

"They go out and crank them up every morning and they were real loud. It sounded like the motor don't have any exhaust on them. That's the first sign," he said.

The catalytic converters had been ripped off of six vehicles, costing him thousands of dollars.

"Some customer's cars, some belong to me," he said.

Browder believes the thieves used an electric saw to remove the parts.

"They just whack this off, whack it off in the front and there it is they got 'em two or three hundred dollars right quick," he said.

"They got a lot of nerve cause they are stealing right out front. They must be some pros cause it don't take them long to get them," Browder said.

Dinwiddie County law enforcement started working the case and found the thefts were not isolated to Dinwiddie.

"Ended up finding out that Chesterfield, and a couple other jurisdictions, had similar larcenies of catalytic converters. They compared notes and worked together on it and were able to identify three individuals," said Major William Knott of the Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office.

Two of those suspects were arrested but the other, Kenneth Stevens, remains on the run.

"As far as we know he's still in the area, he has ties to Chesterfield County," Browder said.

Stevens' last known address was in the 13000 block of Bermuda Place Drive in Chester.

"It's a great loss because they are right valuable," Browder said, and he had this message for anyone with information on Stevens' whereabouts.

"You need to help them get them off the street because who knows it might be there car next and when you're a victim it don't feel so good," he said.

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