Crash leads to brain tumor discovery

Sadie Davis
Sadie Davis

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - We have new information on the woman injured in a serious car accident in Chester last week. 63-year-old Sadie Davis suffered a seizure behind the wheel of her SUV, which caused her to crash into a number of parked cars at a used car lot along Jeff Davis Highway. The impact sent her SUV airborne, but she was wearing her seatbelt. Davis was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries, but is now in stable condition.Her daughter says this accident was actually a blessing in disguise.

Today, we learned that the crash helped doctor's discover a serious medical condition that could have killed Mrs. Davis if it had gone undetected.

"When she got to the hospital, we actually found out that she had a tumor the size of a lemon," said Tina Fields, the victim's daughter.

Tina Fields' mother, 63-year-old Sadie Davis, was behind the wheel of an SUV. An otherwise healthy woman, her family had no idea she had a brain tumor.

"It was kind of a blessing for our family because we would have never found the tumor, and we thank God, she's here with us, and the tumor has been removed and she is starting to recover. She was just moved last night to a private room, and she has a phone now, and she can talk. They took the breathing tubes out, so she started talking yesterday too. She really wants to come home and get some food; she wants to eat some chicken and collard greens, and she's excited to get home, she really is. She wanted McDonald's yesterday, and I'm like you can't have McDonalds," Fields said.

Davis is a mother to six kids, five of whom are adopted. She suffered a broken back, several broken ribs, and a large gash on her face during this serious crash. Fields says her mother can't walk again yet, but will begin physical therapy soon.

"She's really a truly amazing woman; she has raised a lot of kids; she's taken care of everyone but herself, so now it's time for her to get some care," she said.

It is still unclear at this point when Mrs. Davis will get to come home from the hospital, but her family is just grateful she is on the road to recovery.

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