Re-zoning approved for Muslim Mosque

HENRICO COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - The planning committee approved to rezone land for a possible Muslim mosque. An estimated 5,000 Muslims live just with in Henrico County and they want a place of worship.

They chose 3.6 acres next to Holladay Elementary School for a new mosque. The building itself would be one story, about 25 feet tall, and take up a little over 10,000 feet.

But regardless of how it looks, neighbors at the public hearing didn't want the added traffic or the construction noise. One woman addressed the commission saying, "they will put in a school that won't teach to 'love thy neighbors'.

"I'm not a politically correct person, I'm an American and I want to know that whoever goes on that piece of property is not going to tear down my country and is not going to tear down my county, it's not going to tear down the neighborhood and is not going to teach hate," said one neighbor.

Muslims got defensive.

"Our religion has been hijacked and used as a terrorist of the two people who came in opposition says that Muslims are a breeding ground for hate, that's not true...and they even referenced to the act of America which we know is an organization that's not supported by main Americans."

The defense was cut off but in the end, the vote went in their favor.

Next month the proposal for the mosque will go before the county board of supervisors for the final decision.

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