Woman falls in hole on Midlothian

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A woman falls in a hole on Midlothian and is rushed to the hospital. Days later she calls 12 because the hole is still there...uncovered.

People walk along Midlothian all the time. It's one of several reasons there's a multi-million dollar construction project underway. VDOT's adding sidewalks. Janice Wallace was crossing the street, in the median, when she suddenly hit the ground.

Janice Wallace and her husband Tracy were walking to pick up their daughter from daycare.

"And I took a step and went right into this hole," said Janice. "The next thing I know I'm on the ground not knowing what's going on. If someone's pulling me out of the ground, if I'm in a sinkhole."

"I looked back and my wife was gone. I looked down. I heard her calling for me," said Tracy Wallace.

The hole is about 12 inches across and it's a little over 2 feet deep. Wallace is 5'3. She was in up to her thigh.

She was taken to Chippenham by ambulance, a Richmond police officer took a report and pictures. And yet days later...the hole was still there.

"I'm very angry and very disappointed in the city. Because if a report was filed, if someone says they were hurt..why in the next day or so wasn't this covered," Janice said.

The city would not comment. We called VDOT which admitted the hole was caused during the prep work for their 35 million dollar construction project.

"The hole got there because in the beginning there were light poles in these areas. We needed to remove the light poles in order to install the drainage system," said Taya Jarmin, VDOT.

VDOT is trying to determine which contractor removed the poles and failed to cover the hole. We asked NBC12 legal analyst Steven Benjamin, if Wallace has a case. He says she does as long as she can determine who created the danger.

"If she can demonstrate that through no fault of her own she stepped into a hole that the responsible party created and should have known was dangerous than yeah she can recover," Benjamin said.

Within in hours of our calls the hole on Midlothian was filled with dirt. Again, VDOT says it's trying to figure out which of its contractors actually removed the light poles.

Wallace wants to know who is going to pay her doctor bills. She's speaking to an attorney tomorrow.

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