Hopewell viewer calls NBC12 for help and gets results

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - A Hopewell viewer calls NBC12 for help and gets results. At issue, an apartment the tenant calls, "unsafe."

Dorothy Flowers says she now feels safer in her home. She says after our story aired in May, showing multiple problems in her unit, she got results. Wednesday morning NBC12 went  back to check out the repairs.

Flowers wasted no time pointing out the repairs. "They did this. They did it all the way around," Flowers said.

Her busted baseboards have been replaced. Remember what her electrical outlets looked like? They were rusted and uncovered. That's no longer the case.

"They put the covers on -- that needed to be done. They done it," Flowers said.

Her leaky faucet was fixed.

Dorothy Flowers:"They put in a new sheet rock to stop the water from leaking."

Nicole Bell: "So it doesn't leak anymore?"

Dorothy Flowers: "No it don't."

Her front door is no longer damaged.

"They fixed it.  It wasn't locking but they fixed it the other day," Flowers said.

Nicole Bell: "So the locks work now?"

Dorothy Flowers: "Yeah, they work now."

And who could forget all the bugs Flowers said she would find in her apartment regularly. She says that problem has also been addressed.

"I'm happy. Yeah, I'm happy for what they've done," Flowers said.

Flowers lives in public housing.

She says for months, she tried to get Hopewell Redevelopment Housing Authority to fix several problems in her unit. When NBC12 first reached out to the housing authority a few weeks ago, they told NBC12 they weren't aware of the issues. The problems have now been fixed.

"I had to get Channel 12 involved in order for them to fix this stuff. After you'll got involved they were rushing to get it done.  I thank you. You'll have done a lot for me," said Flowers.

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