What do your dreams mean?

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - When you go to bed tonight, what will you dream about? Or will it be a nightmare?

Turns out, while your dreams can be mysterious they may also be trying to tell you something.

Do your dreams include falling, flying or showing up to work in the nude? Dreams, can be downright dreadful.

"My dreams are disturbing. I have really scary dreams. I'm a nightmare kind of a person, said Blair Wingfield.

"If I do dream I don't remember dreaming," said Gretchen Daub.

Aaron Pavelis remembers most of his dreams, even from years ago.

"Especially when the dreams are emotional I remember colors like reds, yellows, sunny dreams," said Pavelis.

If you're not paying attention to your dreams you could be missing out on significant messages.

"A dream is a message from yourself to yourself but it's often coded. So it's often in a visual message rather than a verbal message," said Dream Expert, Dr. Richard Bargdill.

Bargdill says, dreams are not to be taken literally, they're metaphors. So a dream about death doesn't mean you're dying.

"It's much more about transition or something that comes to an end.  It's time for the next logical step," said Bargdill.

A dream about showing up somewhere important in the nude likely means you've revealed too much information about yourself to someone.

Falling dreams are connected to self doubt. While dreams about flying are linked to feeling good. And if you dream about your teeth crumbling.

"What this usually suggests is that there's been an opportunity for the person to make a stand or say something they believe in and they didn't," said Bargdill.

Bargdill says recurring dreams are very important. They're often linked to lifelong issues yet to be resolved

"It's saying you haven't understood what I'm saying.  I'm trying to tell you something and if you don't get it the second time I'll come back a third time," said Bargdill.

Whatever the message behind the metaphor Bargdill says dreams shouldn't be ignored.

A number of people tell NBC12  they dream about crashing in a car which can mean something in your life has come to a sudden stop.

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