Spider trio looking forward to pro careers

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Spiders and former Spiders play side-by-side at the Robins Center during a typical July pickup game.  Players who have had their eligibility run out, like Justin Harper, Dan Geriot and Kevin Anderson, make passes to the guys who are looking forward to more seasons at UR.

But that trio of seniors are going through the most important summer of their careers.  Of course, Harper was drafted by the Orlando Magic. Unfortunately, he's walked right in to a lockout, and there's no telling when he'll be able to join his Magic teammates.

Geriot is the only one of the three who knows when, and where, he's headed. In the second week of August, Geriot will head to Verviers, Belgium to play basketball.  Geriot was signed over Memorial Day weekend.  The center says he'll be playing for an American coach in an "Americanized" city.  He also says that with many locked out NBA players threatening to play overseas if the lockout takes out the season, he's happy that he's locked in to a spot.

The same cannot be said for Kevin Anderson.  The 2,000 point scorer is still looking to finalize his professional plans.  He says the decision has come down to France, Germany and Israel, and that it is just a matter of time before it gets final.  KA said Tuesday, during a break in pick-up games, that the NBA players threatening to go overseas has not affected his situation.  He says that because there are more point guards than big men across the world, European teams usually wait to sign them last.  But he's still confident that he will find a spot before teams start practicing in mid-August.

As for Harper, he said he has no plans to play overseas if the NBA season gets canceled.

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