Henrico supervisors to vote on increased speeding fine

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Speeding through one Henrico neighborhood could soon cost you a lot of money. Neighbors who live on Maybeury drive between Patterson and Derbyshire, say cars are going too fast. And now, the county is taking action.

The speed limit is 25 miles an hour.  NBC 12 clocked multiple drivers going at least 10 miles over the speed limit. Neighbors are hoping a harsher speed fine will encourage people to slow down.

Marti Proctor has lived along Maybeury drive for nearly 3 decades.

"It's a very busy stretch. It's a cut-through off of Parham," said Proctor.

Proctor also says speeding in her neighborhood is common and dangerous.

"I've seen a car end up in this ditch.  I've seen a car in that ditch and when I moved in someone plowed through my fence," she added.

To help put the brakes on the problem, the county will vote on whether to impose a $200 fine for those who speed on Maybeury Drive between Patterson Avenue and Derbyshire Road.

The $200 would be in addition to other penalties for speeding.

"This is not a revenue generator. It's to calm traffic on neighborhood streets," said Traffic Engineer, Michael Jennings.

The county conducted a speed study and found what it calls, "too many drivers breaking the law."

"It showed at least 15% of the people are going 9 miles or more over the speed limit," said Jennings.

If the county board of supervisors passes the measure signs reflecting the additional fine will be posted. It's a sight Proctor would love to see.

"We very much support the increased fine. We just want to see people stop speeding," said Proctor.

The vote will take place Tuesday night at the county administration building. The meeting will get underway at 7 p.m..

The board will also vote on whether to impose an additional $200 fine for speeding on a section of Canesville lane.

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