Firefighters battle heat, fire in overnight blaze

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Today with the excessive heat, firefighters and other outdoor workers will be battling a lot. This morning, we were on the scene of an east Richmond fire that left firefighters drinking plenty of water.

Aside from the firefighters, hoses, and trucks that lined the street this morning, there were also several sightings of water and Gatorade bottles.

"Very hot. Very humid. Very sticky. And once you go inside the fire it gets even worse," said Richmond Fire Lt. Jody Moore.  He is one of the firefighters who tackled the massive fire.

Flames shot through the roof. The smoke billowed high into the sky. Crews had to tear through the front door, and break the windows, to get rid of the flames.

"It's a constant battle to stay hydrated," says Lt. Moore.

Not only did crews have to battle that, but also battle this fire not knowing at first if an elderly man was inside these now charred walls.

"I jumped out of the bed really quick," says Darlene Kearney.  It was Darlene's step dad that lives in the burnt-out house. Luckily he wasn't there overnight.

"I was really relieved. I recently lost my mom and he recently lost his son," says Darlene.

Meanwhile, it was those constant checks on the firefighters out here to make sure no one was getting sick in the heat. EMS crews were on scene just in case.

"We have the outer shell of the coat and the inner shell of the coat and it gets very hot," says Lt. Moore.

He said, more than 100 degrees hot inside his coat, plus the heat from the flames.

Aside from the bottled water, crews use the water coming out of their  hoses to keep cool too. "A lot of times a lot of guys won't move because it is refreshing to get in the way of the water," said Lt. Moore.

Especially as things really started to heat up today, but the crews, and others, must fight on with their job.

There was a pitbull that was rescued from the back of the home this morning. That dog was treated on the scene and should be okay.

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