Suspect lures boys with fake Facebook page

"Kelly Redkin" Facebook Page
"Kelly Redkin" Facebook Page
James Dollins
James Dollins

LOUISA, VA (WWBT) – NBC12 has a story with a warning for all parents: know who your kids are talking to on Facebook.   Louisa investigators said they busted a sexual predator, who used the site to lure young boys.

Monday, a grand jury indicted James Dollins of Louisa on fifteen solicitation charges.  Police explained he targeted boys in Henrico, Chesterfield and Louisa.

"Kelly Redkin's" Facebook page is an elaborate farce; a profile detectives said 42-year old James Dollins created to trick his victims.  What teenage boy wouldn't want to chat with an attractive University of Virginia student?

The problem is Louisa investigators allege the 19-year old doesn't exist.  In fact, they are still trying to figure out who the girl in the pictures actually is.

Det. Patrick Siewert claimed Dollins is the mastermind behind the page.

"People can make up fake profiles all the time," he said.  "I do it for the good guys to try and catch Internet predators but there are guys like Mr. Dollins who go out there and do this and unfortunately a lot of people get caught up in the web."

According to the sheriff's office, Dollins used Facebook and text messages to pursue relationships with victims and convinced them to exchange naked pictures and meet for sex.

The crime allegedly stretched all the way to Short Pump.  Investigators said two boys arranged to meet the fictional Redkin at the mall.  She never showed her face but the boys mysteriously found a note on the car before they left.

"Obviously somebody was there," Siewert explained.  "We suspect Mr. Dollins was there keeping an eye on the kids and essentially stalking them at that point in time."

We're told Dollins sent a package to one boy.  It sparked his mom's suspicion and she contacted police.  Now they want to know how many victims and fake pages are out there.  The looming question remains: who is the girl in the photos?

Detectives hope putting the pictures on the air will help answer some of those questions.  If the person in those photos comes forward, it is possible identity theft charges could be filed next.

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