Chesterfield woman wants permanent fix to old well

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield woman called NBC12, with safety concerns about an old concrete well.

The well sits on the property of a vacant house on Charles Towne Road near Genito. An orange barrier and wooden top are a temporary fix. Neighbors worry someone's going to get hurt and want a more permanent solution.

Terry Chalkley gave us a quick look at what makes her cringe.

"Ugh, see the hole. (Wow)," said Chalkley.

She's been keeping a sharper eye on her 2-year-old grandson and his playmates.

"We do our best to keep the kids away from it," said Chalkley.

It's not like the well is in the middle of nowhere, no, it's less than 10 feet or just a few steps from the curb.

"Kids run up on the side. You know it happens," said Chalkley.

A spokesman for the Timmons Group, the neighborhood developer, said it had a contractor fill the well in May. Chalkley says the rain caused it to sink in.

"When I saw the hole I had an old pallet from stuff being delivered, came over and I put the palate on top," said Chalkley.

Last Friday, she called the fire department, which added a blaze orange barrier. Two days ago, a Chesterfield Property Maintenance Inspector posted a violation notice for an unsafe structure.

After our interview, the Timmons Group told me it was planning to fill it back in on this day, and did, with gravel. You can see it overflowing. The county said it's no longer a danger. But Chalkley worries another good storm will put the issue back to square one.

Bank of America Field Services, which manages the property, tells me it's fielding bids from contractors. Chalkley said at one point, there was a concrete cap over the well.

"If they had just left the top on it, we wouldn't have this problem," said Chalkley.

The county tells me it still wants a permanent cap on the well and those responsible have 30 days to respond. The county inspector will return to the neighborhood Monday to take another look at the well.

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