Drug bust nets $300,000 worth of marijuana

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - A major drug bust nets three hundred thousand dollars worth of marijuana. Police shutdown a "grow house" filled with 296 marijuana plants. This all happened in the 2100 block of County Drive in Petersburg.

"The trailer wasn't used for living or sleeping. It was just there to grow marijuana," said Lt. Davis Cassort.

32-year-old Shawn Lascheck has been arrested in connection to the crime. He's charged with felony possession with intent to sell.

Police say the "grow house" was well designed -- outfitted with lighting, potting soil, and different types of enhancers for the marijuana. News of the bust come as a shock to neighbors.

"Unbelievable," said Douglas Henshaw.

He didn't know why the house across from his had yellow police tape on it until we told him. Henshaw says he thought the property was vacant.

Nicole Bell: "Have you ever seen people coming in and out?"
Douglas Henshaw: "No."
Nicole Bell: "Was it pretty quiet over there?"
Douglas Henshaw: "Yeah."

Luna Ignacio has unknowingly lived next to the "grow house" for months.

"I can't believe that -- all of my friends live close to here," he said.

Investigators suspect the plants had been growing in the house for several months because many of them were developed.

"It's a great bust especially for the community -- getting this amount of marijuana off the street," said Cassort.

Lascheck is due back in court in October. Police say more arrests are possible.

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