Internet gambling cafes still open

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Some internet gaming cafes are still open in Richmond, according to the Times-Dispatch, despite a new law that took effect July 1.

Prosecutors say they are keeping a close eye on those shops.

One of those cafes is open right now — owners have a sign outside saying it's a 24-hour business.

But prosecutors tell the Times-Dispatch those businesses are on police radar.

Our cameras were rolling in Hanover County when investigators raided the Lucky Sweepstakes Business in Mechanicsville.

Investigators pulled out boxes of evidence and some gaming machines.

In a separate, similar raid, Henrico County investigators picked up a trailer packed with gaming machines from two other businesses.

At this point, none of the businesses are facing charges.

The Times-Dispatch reports that out of the seven cafes in Richmond, all but two shut their doors on their own.

Those two businesses might not be open for much longer.

A representative from the Virginia Charitable Bingo Association says these internet gambling spots have reduced the charity bingo profits by 20 percent.

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