9/11 steel given to Namozine Fire Department

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - Steel girders salvaged from the World Trade Towers, have been cut up and distributed to fire departments in all 50 states. The Namozine Volunteer Fire Department in Dinwiddie has one of those pieces and wants to build a proper memorial, but tonight they need your help to do it.

In a N.Y. warehouse, the once-shiny outer ribs of the two towers, now broken, burned and rusted, and lying on their sides. These are the last remnants of the buildings that once defined the N.Y. skyline. But now, pieces of this steel - some large, others small - are being sent to fire departments and municipalities all over the country.

One of those fire departments, is a small - volunteer outfit down in Dinwiddie County. They're just one of two departments in Virginia bestowed with this honor. Although their keepsake from the 9-11 tragedy is small, they have big plans for a proper memorial. Right out in front of their station.

Assistant Fire Chief Dave Jolly, Fire Captain Eric Jones and all of the men here have been instrumental in landing this girder. But they need approximately $30,000 to get this memorial completed in the little more than 60 days between now Sept. 11th. There will be a 3 foot brick wall - the steel piece encased in plexi glass - and there will be and two large blue beams of light shooting up into the night sky.

"We're also gonna have 2 high powered spotlights beside the steel, to simulate the tower of lights that they do for the anniversaries and memorials of 9-11." said Assistant Fire Chief Dave Jolly.

The key to the fundraising will the some 3,000 bricks, that will make up the wall. For a donation, you can have a special inscription in one of the bricks to memorialize anyone, or anything you want.

"Each of the bricks will be $50, and I'm not entirely sure how many characters can be inscribed on it - depending on where we buy them from - but it should be most anything people want to have on them," said Capt. Eric Jones.

If you'd like to donate to the memorial or buy one of the bricks, you can call the Namozine Volunteer Fire Dept. at 804-861-5891. Or go to namozinefireems.org.

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