Another dog goes missing from Four Paws Pet Resort in Richmond


RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - For the second time in a matter of months, a dog has gone missing from a local kennel.

Four Paws Pet Resort is also the same place where a Pomeranian puppy was killed by a Mastiff in April. Maureen Sontos tells me had she seen the recent stories I've done on Four Paws she would never have taken her dog Bodhi there.

Sontos said her lab/hound mix was at Four Paws less than 24 hours when she was told by the owner it jumped a six foot fence during Sunday night's severe storm. Sontos can't stand to think about her dog wandering Richmond city streets. She wants Bodhi back.

"It's been so long, so I'm really worried. It's hot outside," said Sontos.

Sontos said she was told by Four Paws owner, John Maleta, her 2-year-old lab/hound mix got spooked by Sunday's storm and jumped a privacy fence when the dogs were taken out for their last bathroom break that night.

Sontos, who was out of town for July 4th, said she received a voice message from Maleta Monday about a problem with Bodhi, but with no explanation. The next day, Sontos said she reached Four Paws about her dog.

Maleta tells me Sontos' boyfriend signed a waiver stating Bodhi could jump great heights and that Four Paws took on the dog with the understanding of the risks. Sadly Bodhi jumped a fence over six feet tall.

"If there's nothing we can do about Bodhi, I just don't want anyone else taking their dog to these people and trusting them," said Sontos.

Sontos' mom made up flyers. They plan to post them near Four Paws and surrounding neighborhoods. Sontos said she's also posted information on Facebook and Craigslist.

Sontos said Four Paws staff wouldn't allow Bodhi to wear his harness that had his dog tags attached and isn't sure if they put the tags on a collar they provided.

Bodhi does have a microchip and she's checking with local animal shelters to see if he's been picked up. Bodhi's owner is offering a reward.

Four Paws owner said his staff continues to look for the dog.

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