Winds damage several buildings in Chesterfield County

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – In Chester, Wednesday's storm demolished an entire building and destroyed roofs. One of the most devastated areas is close to where Route 1 and Route 10 meet.

The destruction is going to take quite some time and effort to clean up.  A county building inspector condemned one building on Jefferson Davis Highway for now.  He told NBC12 the department will be back out there Thursday to see what can be salvaged.

NBC12 obtained exclusive home video of the storm from two Flagstop Carwash employees.

"It started pouring in through the doors which is, you know, rare," said Andrew Craver.  "I couldn't get the door to shut because the wind was blowing so hard."

Sheets of raindrops pelted them like thousands of sharp needles.  Gusts were strong enough to toss sixty pound metal garbage cans, as if they were light as feathers.

Winds ripped the roof of the Sherman Williams paint shop right off the building.  An inspector said there's water flowing through the electrical system.  Right now, the building has been deemed unsafe but it's not a complete loss.  Staff is hoping to reopen soon.

There was a different story next door.  A building inspector's sign warns of danger.  Cinder blocks, once the walls of a former flooring store, piled on the ground like children's toys.  The storm undermined the foundation of the building to the point of instability.

"Heard the building start to crackle," described Dustin Stanley. "It sounded like popcorn crackling.  All the sudden you heard boom, just something falling."

Down the street, construction workers were thankful to be alive after the winds ripped through the facility they were building.

"An 85 foot wall had been dislodged from the concrete and strewn on toward Route 1," Brent Fleenor explained.  "Something pretty substantial had to do that."

Amazingly, no one was hurt.

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