Client honors Sycamore Veterinary Hospital

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Every day is 'bring your baby to work' day at Sycamore Veterinary Hospital.

"They're so kind and caring and always happy and you can see that they genuinely love these animals," said Lyn Pontius.

Vet Techs Priscilla and Michelle are proud new moms to kittens Jaxs and Lil Missy Macon, named for the Powhatan community where they were both found in pretty bad shape. Lyn and her brother are committed to save the strays.

"Called me one day and said, 'What are you doing? I've got a sick kitten. It looks like something got it.' We took [the kitten] in. They were very worried and they didn't think the prognosis was good," said Lyn.

The kitten had an open wound that was severely infected, it needed constant care.

"They walked in and said this vet tech would like to take care of this kitten. That was Michelle," Lyn said. "They want to give these kittens or cats, dogs too, every chance they've got. They don't care if you call them at night. The ones who have taken the kitten's home for us, have given me their cell phone number and said you can call me morning, noon or night. They keep in touch. They've just been fantastic."

Sabrina: "Here's $100, $200, $300…"
Lyn: "I can't think of better people to receive it."

Once we arrived at the hospital we had to do a little coaxing to get the staff to pause from patient care and face the camera.

Lyn: "Hello!"
Sabrina: "We're here with a Channel 12 Act of Kindness surprise."
Priscilla: "Yes it is a surprise."
Sabrina: "Lynn says you go above and beyond here and she is so touched."

Lyn: "I get all weepy but first we came in with Jaxs and I was worried to death and you took him and if you hadn't taken him I think I would have killed him and then you brought him in; back and forth to the practice and everyone took care of him and you loved him at night. Then a week later, I'm here with Little Missy Macon and Priscilla comes in and says I'll take the cat, then two weeks later with Houdini. I mean these people are wonderful."
Sabrina: "Lifesavers."
Lyn: "And they just go all of them go the extra mile and I just I can't say enough. So this is for you, it's not from me, it's from them."
Michelle: "Oh my gosh."
Lyn: "This is for the practice sweetie."
Dr. Kerry Durmady: "Oh. Wonderful. Thank you."

Sabrina: "It's not just a job?"
Priscilla: "It isn't. I mean it's what we love, it what we do, that's why we come here every day."
Dr. Kerry Durmady: "These guys here are the heart and soul of the kitten brigade...there's been a lot of kittens this spring and these guys have been just unbelievable."

Over the past 25 years, the Sycamore Veterinary Hospital has treated lots of cats and dogs, staff say everyone is special.

"They just treat them all like they're their own and many times they become their own," said Durmady.

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