Fireworks at Dogwood Dell rescheduled for Tuesday

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Monday's weather put a literal damper on the Fourth of July celebration at Dogwood Dell. Officials postponed the event because of safety concerns with the storm. It is now rescheduled for Tuesday.

Monday evening was almost like a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster. Dark skies suddenly opened up to downpours and lightning. It left the thousands of Richmonders, who had already waited for hours for the fireworks, disappointed and soaking wet.

They were literally huddled masses yearning to be free--free of the deluge and Mother Nature's own fireworks. They left their belongings and sought shelter under tarps, blankets and umbrellas. Some made a mad dash for the safety of the Carillon.

Others, like the Brown brothers, went to less conventional places.

"We hauled to a Porta-Potty," explained Dylan Brown. "We were in there for at least ten minutes."

"Driest place at the moment," said brother Chaz. "Didn't feel like getting soaked. We had electronics in our pockets."

That rationale didn't serve them so well.

"It was very cramped and smelled really badly," Dylan told NBC12.

The Stafford family knew a wash out was a real possibility.

"We sort of debated whether or not we would want to do this and we thought we'd take a leap of faith," said Nancy Stafford.

That leap turned into a rush to the trees. Grandma Nancy, along with her ten kids and 17 grandkids, did the best they could.

"We banded together with our tarps," she explained.

A spokesperson for the city Department of Parks and Recreation told us earlier in the day they'd do everything they could to hold this Independence Day celebration on the Fourth of July. Mother Nature simply wasn't having it. Now, spectators are hoping the dazzling display of man-made fireworks on Tuesday's rain date will go off without a hitch.

Eight year old Jacob, though, isn't so optimistic.

"I actually know the forecast for tomorrow because I checked it," he said. "It will be the same.  I'm telling nobody to go."

The city is hoping the rest of the area disagrees with little Jacob's line of thinking. The concert band will take the stage at Dogwood Dell Tuesday night at 7 o'clock with the fireworks set for 8:30 p.m.

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