People in Richmond spend holiday cleaning storm debris

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Storm cleanup got in the way of planning for holiday celebrations today for some people in Richmond.

More than a dozen trees came down in the city during last night's storm. Some even toppled power lines.

Richmond police fielded several calls about trees down in the streets. In one case, a live wire sparked safety concerns. Police told neighbors to leave it to city crews for the cleanup.

This isn't how Charlie Knight planned to spend the July 4th holiday, picking up after an uninvited guest, Mother Nature!

"Today was going to be a do nothing day," Knight said.

But a huge tree kept him from leaving his driveway. His neighbor had to stay put too.

The storm the night before was so noisy, Knight said he didn't even hear it snap.

"Trees were just going on 45 degree angles going back and forth," said Knight.

This tree on Moss Side Avenue took a wire down with it and since it's in the middle of the street it's one of the high priority cleanup jobs for the city.

Tracy Walters was on the same city clean up list. Her holiday plans were also put on the back burner.

"When we woke up we anticipated hosting a barbeque and doing some other things and we woke up to this surprise," Walters said.

Her neighbors dodged tree limbs as they made their way up and down Newport Drive past her work truck covered by debris.

"Most people are either trying to sneak by the mess or they're U-turning and going back," said Walters.

On the city's south side, a tree limb rested on a car on Westover Hills Boulevard.

Nearby, David Parrish had to spend some of his holiday at work.

A huge, 100-year-old tree snapped in two at Westover Baptist Church.

"As you can see we're going to have quite a bit of work to do," Parrish said.

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