State Employee offers up $17 million savings solution

RICHMOND (WWBT)-  Governor Bob McDonnell offered up a $25 hundred prize to the state employee who could come up with best idea to cut costs within 30 days.

The winner, Karen Barger, came from the Department of Veterans Services. Her simple suggestion could save up to $17 million.

In the age of computers and smart phones, searching for a job has become a high tech task. With fewer and fewer people turning to newspapers to look for work, Barger, had an idea.

"I noticed that when we were placing ads in the newspaper it was just an extraordinary amount," she said. "I thought if you know, tally that on up with all the agencies and how much they spend that would add up to if they just used the internet from now on."

State leaders took a look at Karen's suggestion and discovered that posting job openings only online could save taxpayers as much as $17 million.

"That is a huge amount. No, I had no idea that it would be that kind of savings when I initially came up with the idea," she said.

Karen is from Blue Ridge, Virginia and didn't know she was invited to the Governor's Mansion until yesterday afternoon. She said she couldn't sleep because she was worried about navigating the streets of the state capitol to get to her appointment with the governor on time.

Her suggestion won't be immediately implemented; the governor's office will now review the proposal to determine if the plan is feasible and if it needs the approval of the General Assembly.

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