National Night Out event deadlines approaching

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)  -- National Night Out is about four weeks or so away, set for August 2. Now is the time to make sure you get your community event registered with your local police department.

We break down all the deadlines for you here and the contacts you need to make to get involved.

National Night Out is about you and your neighbors coming together for a community event and then have police officers possibly come out to join you, so that you all can work together to stop crime in your neighborhood.

How could you forget seeing Richmond Police Chief Bryan Norwood doing the cupid shuffle with the community. It's this type of partnership that tries to help keep the crime away.

Just ask those who were at this event in Richmond two years ago. "With all the crime and the things that are going on in the community right now, to have the police see that we support our community as one and to have the police support us as one is very important," said Patricia Morse.

It's that type of partnership that police officers hope you'll form on National Night Out this August 2.  "This is an awesome way to show solidarity in the community," said Capt. John Hall. 

Now is the time to get moving to make sure you register your community event in time.

"What happens is, every year because there are so many events and there is so much excitement that a lot of communities are left out and don't take advantage of deadlines and opportunities,"adds Capt. Hall. 

Here's a breakdown of the deadlines---
Henrico: July 8th
Chesterfield: July 15th
Hanover: July 22nd
Richmond: July 29th to register, July 22nd to ensure an officer will stop by.
Petersburg: Aug. 1

Chesterfield Police say they will send an officer to every community event if you meet the deadline. Henrico says the same thing.

Meanwhile, Hopewell is doing something different this year. You can register up until the last minute -- but each neighborhood will have its own event this year, instead of just one big party.

Here is the contact information to register your event with each community:

Richmond- Community Care Unit at 646-4359, or

Henrico- Crime Prevention Specialist Emily Gerry at 501-4856

Chesterfield- Cpl. Scott Gordon at 706-2662 or by email at

Hopewell- Officer Christopher Smith at 541-2303

Hanover- Deputy Barry Bland at 365-7116 or by email at

Petersburg- Police Non Emergency Number at 732-4222

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