Thieves steal porch furniture

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – People who live in Richmond's Fan District are thinking twice about what they leave on their porches. Crooks have made off with porch furniture from several houses. There have been reports from the 2300 block of Floyd Avenue and the 2300 block of Hanover Avenue.

On a warm summer night, it's not uncommon to see people enjoying an evening outside.  Tuesday night, several Fan residents told NBC12 they're considering new security measures; it seems even a quiet evening on the porch isn't sacred anymore.

Kira Siddall is trying to have a sense of humor about the disturbing discovery she made Saturday morning. Overnight Friday while she and her roommate were asleep, a thief snatched four heavy metal chairs from the porch of their Hanover Avenue home.

"The chairs were out here when we got home really late at night so they probably took them between 2 and 7 a.m.," she explained. "So it's kind of frustrating to think that people are up to no good and on your porch."

They're not the only ones feeling this way. The Fan District Association is calling it a rash of similar thefts. They've heard of least five so far.

Police explained there are a number of things you can do to deter this kind of activity. One is keeping your porch lights on so the thieves think someone is home. You can also chain together items so they're more difficult to handle or attach them to a railing so they can't be moved.

Marilyn and Arthur Samuel, who have lived in the Fan for 26 years, never thought to take those precautions with their furniture.

"Through thick and thin, storm and sleet and rain and no one's ever stolen it," said Arthur.

But on their block alone, we're told bandits hit four houses. They took wrought iron furniture and wooden rocking chairs. While so far no one has been hurt, for some a sense of security has been shaken.

"To be brazen enough to do that while people are at home, that's frightening," explained Marilyn.

If your house has been hit, it's important to report it to police. If they recover any items, they'll know who to contact and where to return them.

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