Woman uses her faith to scare away robber

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A bruised and battered woman turned to her faith after nearly being shot by an armed robber. It happened at Mikes Auto on the 100 block of Turner Road just before noon this past Saturday.

The victim is doing better tonight. She's recovering from a concussion right now. The attacker was looking at cars in the lot when he came inside the business through a back door and tried to rob her.

"This is where he grabbed me and threw me on the floor the first time," said assault victim, Sheryl Mackey.

The 64-year-old suffered bruises to her arms and legs after she was brutally attacked. An armed gunman forced his way inside of Mike's Auto where she's been living for some time and demanded cash.

"He pointed a gun at me and said 'Open the safe!' and I thought there's nothing in the safe but Freon," said Mackey.

The masked gunman forced Sheryl to go through the safe and other drawers in the business office. Unfortunately for him there was no money in any of them. That's when things turned violent. Sheryl's attacker hit her on the head with the butt of the gun. You can still see the blood stain on an area of the wall. She's keeping it as a reminder of exactly what happened.

"I jumped right back up and said I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!" said Mackey. "Why did I say that? When the enemy is attacking you you've got to do something!"

Doing something apparently worked. Sheryl wrestled with the gunman as he tried to tie her up with electrical tape with no luck.

"He said 'Lady I could shoot you.' I said 'I know you'll just send me to see Jesus sooner," she explained. "He says 'Pray for me after I leave.'"

Despite her injuries Sheryl plans to do just that. She holds no hard feelings against the teen that attacked her. She just wants to see him change his life around.

"I AM going to pray for him!"

Mackey has been living here for a few years now because of health issues. She and the business owner keep the back door to the business locked and secured ever since the attack. She's hoping to find a new place to live in a safer neighborhood soon.

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