Family calls NBC12 for help with bats in apartment

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A Chesterfield family that was losing hope after living with a bat infestation for months, finally called 12 for help. They said they tried everything and still had to use brooms as weapons against the flying intruders.

Their ordeal was the stuff of movies. Imagine turning off the lights to go to sleep and all you hear are the creepy rustling of wings and squeaks of bats right above your head. Now, imagine doing that every night for three months!

Dontaye Christian didn't think he'd have to be an exterminator just to live in his Falling Creek apartment. His fiancé shot cell phone video to document their battle with the unwanted roommates.

"Every night we come home, we have to come home to bats swarming around in our home," he explained.

Christian told us they've called management almost every day. Falling Creek has sent an exterminator to their apartment a handful of times and still the nightly encounters with the creatures continue.

"These have diseases and rabies and my kids are in here," he exclaimed. "They're terrified.  They're scared. They don't even want to stay here no more."

After staying in a hotel, this weekend Christian hit his boiling point. He called Chesterfield Animal Control, which said someone has to come in and flush out the walls because the problem is so bad. His next call was to us.

We checked with several of Christian's neighbors. Many report seeing and hearing the bats from inside their apartments. We found one unit with bat droppings outside and a few others with bat carcasses on the ground.

The property manager told us Monday night he now realizes maybe their exterminator just isn't getting it done.

When asked why he continues to call the same company he responded, "That's why I called home office to see what I can do."

For now, "what he can do" is move the family to a new unit.

"Since y'all came I got a new apartment," Christian told us after looking at his new digs. "So you all did have a lot based on that situation and I want to thank you for that."

The manager also said he had not heard complaints from other tenants but after we alerted him, he will look into a possible larger problem.

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