Mature video games not sold to minors

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Violent video games are at the center of a Supreme Court decision. The high court threw out California's ban that prevented such games from being sold to minors.

"I think it's good for it to be unconstitutional," said Play N Trade owner, Bob Broomfield.

Broomfield has owned Play N Trade in Carytown for the past three years. While there are many violent and sexually charged video games out there he doesn't believe laws governing sales to minors are necessary.

"Parents have to take some responsibility and be aware, like anything they give their children, what it's all about," said Broomfield.

As soon as customers walk through the door at Play N Trade they're greeted by this sign encouraging them to check the ratings. It gives them the full run down of which games are appropriate for which ages. And there are plenty of games out there that are not appropriate for children. Today's games depict violence and even graphic language.

"I think I turned 12 or 13 before I was allowed to play any of the rated teen games," said gamer, Chris Short.

The teen gamers that we spoke with are well aware of the types of video games out there. They too agree that parents should know what their children are playing.

"I feel like some parents aren't aware, not really hip per say of all the technology so they don't know really what's going on," said Short.

And while there is no law requiring them to do so, stores like Play N Trade have opted to not sell games rated mature to children under 17. They encourage parents to get involved as well. Video game ratings start at EC for Early Childhood and goes up to AO for Adults Only. The rating should be clearly labeled on the front of the box.

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