Henrico investigating ATM skimming

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A crime alert in Henrico County, where police say a man is stealing your bank information. Investigators today released this picture of the suspect. They say he's tampering with ATM's to get pin numbers, and then using those to get cash. Police call it "skimming".

Neal Dale says he's heard of skimming before. That's why he says he was being cautious as he took money out of an ATM off Broad Street Monday.

"I'm not exactly technologically savvy. I feel like a babe out in the woods. I'm the kind of person people could take advantage of," he said.

Over a dozen people were taken advantage of in Henrico earlier this month. Police say this man attached a device onto the card reader of several ATM's. He was able to get away with pin numbers and started withdrawing money from other people's accounts.

"What they're doing is stuff I will never comprehend and it just makes me a little bit nervous about getting involved in this 21st century technology that I know I have no choice, unless I go off and live in a cabin out in the woods," said Dale.

Henrico Police say they're seeing an increase in cases like this. Many people are in a rush when using an ATM and may not look for anything out of the ordinary. To make matters worse, police say the devices criminals are putting on ATM's can be tough to notice.

"The professionals are pretty good at doing this and they have the tools and materials to make these items look very professional and look to be a part of the actual machine," said Chris Maher with Henrico Police.

Police say you should make sure the slot to read your card is the same color as the rest of the machine and look for any nuts or bolts out of place. Dale says he'll pay more attention but he says thieves might not get away with much from him.

"I don't have that much money in my account to worry about. It's the good thing about being poor, there's not that much money they can steal," Dale said.

Police say typically the safest ATM's are the ones on site at the bank. You should also regularly check your bank activity to make sure someone else isn't spending your money.

If you have any information about this case or see someone tampering with another ATM, you're asked to call Henrico Police at 501-5000.

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