Police affidavit: Henrico teacher "loved" underage girl, feared "trouble"

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) –  There is startling and graphic new information about the Henrico teacher accused of having an online sexual affair with a 15-year-old Pennsylvania girl.

Friday night, Ty Levy spent his second night in jail as NBC12 uncovered more details about the alleged reasons why.

A police affidavit, filed Monday by authorities in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, outlines what investigators say took place online between 48-year-old Ty Levy, and a 15-year-old girl from South Williamsport.

Based on conversations with the victim, it reads that in September of 2009, Levy first described himself as a 17-year-old named "Jason", and sent a photograph of a teenaged boy. From there, it says "Jason" gradually would admit he was older: first 28, 30, and then 40 years old.

In actuality, Levy turned 48 last week.

By December of 2009, police say the two were engaging frequently in video sex acts via Skype. The document says Levy told the young girl, "…he loved her, and did not want to lose her".

And then, on the day after Christmas, 2009, police say Levy and the girl met in person for the first time at a Pennsylvania coffee shop, where they kissed.

Even then, police say Levy would not tell the girl his last name, "…out of fear of getting into trouble". But authorities say he did admit to being an elementary school teacher [Gayton ES], a high school tennis coach [Deep Run HS], and that he lived in [suburban] Richmond with his wife and two kids.

From there, police say the virtual relationship went on nearly every day. According to the document, Levy would ask the girl to disrobe and masturbate...ceasing only when the girl's parents put a stop to it in February of 2010.

More than a year after the investigation began, Levy now faces 12 charges in Pennsylvania, shocking his family, the people he worked for, and close friends like Jeff Betcher.

"Just stunned. It's not the man that I know," Betcher said after attending Friday's court appearance.

In court, Levy waived extradition meaning Pennsylvania authorities have 30 days to come get him so he can face the 12 charges which include child pornography and indecent exposure.

For now, Levy is being held in Henrico without bond.

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