Embattled Henrico teacher faces extradition to Pennsylvania

Ty Levy
Ty Levy

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – The Henrico teacher accused of having an online sexual affair with a 15-year-old girl, will soon be on his way to Pennsylvania.

Friday, Ty Levy waived extradition, meaning it's now up to Pennsylvania authorities to come get him. Levy appeared briefly in court, handcuffed, and having traded in that white athletic t-shirt for a brown jail jumpsuit.

Neither Levy's wife, nor two children were there. Instead, there was his friend, Jeff Betcher.

"He was an awesome teacher, is an awesome teacher in Henrico County. Probably one of the best," Betcher said following the hearing.

Betcher said the 12 charges including child pornography and indecent exposure via Skype don't represent the man he knows; a popular teacher and tennis coach.

Authorities say the virtual affair between the 48-year-old Levy and 15-year-old Pennsylvania girl began in 2009, and to this day, it's the kind of crime that local prosecutors work relentlessly to prevent.

In nearby Louisa County, for example, authorities have a special focus on child Internet sex crimes. And they've learned how parents can protect their children.

Prosecutor Tom Garrett is not involved in the Levy case. But, elsewhere, he's seen enough to realize a computer is like another doorway to your home.

"You lock your doors at night to protect your family. Well, if you leave that computer in a locked bedroom with a child, in a bedroom with the door closed with a child, people can still come into your home and get to your children through that computer," Garrett said.

Garrett added that one out of every seven children will at some point be sexually solicited online, and there are warning signs.

"So if you have a kid who spends 15 minutes in the evening, and then it gets to be 30, and then it's two hours, and then the kid's never anywhere but the Internet, the parents should ask questions," Garrett said.

In Pennsylvania, authorities say parents of the underage girl eventually did ask questions. And in Henrico, the case will be watched closely.

"There's a big support community for him, and his family, and we'll be here for him," Betcher said.

Levy remains at the Henrico jail. Pennsylvania authorities have 30 days to pick him up.

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