Politifact Virginia: ABA claim on bus travel ruled "half true"

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tim Kaine has never served a day in Washington as an elected leader. He has never voted up or down on any federal budget.  That isn't preventing Republicans from tying him to President Obama's stimulus plan.

In a recent press release, the National Republican Senatorial Committee said  "President Obama and liberal former DNC chairman Tim Kaine's $787 billion stimulus failed to create jobs."

Not one job? It is a common claim about the stimulus, but according to Politifact Virginia, it just isn't true. They rate this claim "false."

Politifact polled a variety of economic groups to see how many jobs were "created or saved by the stimulus."

The congressional budget office believes it is between 1.3 and 3.6 million.  IHS/Global Insight pegs the number at $2.45 million.

Macroeconomic Advisers and Moody's Economy put the figure near or at 2.5 million.

Now despite that clear evidence that millions of jobs were saved or created. The results are a bit below what President Obama had hoped for. Leaving the GOP a little wiggle room on their claim.

But it is very little and as Politifact reporter Jacob Geiger explains it is a claim difficult to pin on Governor Kaine.

"But he didn't write it and he didn't vote on it, he wasn't in the House or the Senate when it was under debate and be wasn't in the white house helping to design the stimulus package, so really he didn't have control over designing the stimulus or how the money was spent," said Jacob Geiger of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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