Reed found guilty after bringing gun to bus stop

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – She brought a gun to the bus stop and now she's going to prison! A judge convicted Shiquita Reed of brandishing a firearm.

The Chesterfield mom was arrested several times in May for altercations at her daughter's bus stop. Now she'll spend the next two years behind bars.

Both sides in this case agreed that Reed brought her licensed gun to the bus stop and got into a heated exchange of words with at least one student that noticed she was packing heat. The problem was with how scared those children were to see that weapon that caused the judge to convict her.

Family and friends of convicted mom, Shiquita Reed, left the courtroom in silence Thursday afternoon. All were visibly upset to hear Reed will spend the next two years in prison for brandishing a firearm at a Chesterfield Public Schools bus stop.

Reed's 14-year-old daughter sobbed in the back seat of a car just minutes after hearing the guilty verdict. As the other witnesses left, they expressed how happy they are to know that Reed is behind bars.

"Just knowing that the kids are going to be safe to go to the bus stop since there's a lot of them around there that's all I need to know," said parent, Iesha Boyce.

Boyce was in the courtroom when Reed took the stand. She was surprised to hear her admit she's brought a gun to the bus stop at least four other times before.

"That makes me a little shaky to know that you can just walk up to the bus stop any time with a gun," said Boyce.

The judge listened to Reed's testimony about what happened that day. While she claims she never grabbed her gun during the May 16 incident, other students testified otherwise. The students each explained her actions and how the fact that she even had a gun at the bus stop terrified them. For the judge, that was enough to find her guilty.

"Now there's a lot of other parents who are feeling apprehensive about letting their kids go to the bus stop because now you don't know who's going to do what," said Boyce.

Believe it or not, this is not the first brandishing a firearm conviction for Miss Reed. Her first conviction was in 1996. The judge also told her she's not allowed to own, purchase or apply for a gun from now on. Her attorney plans to appeal the judge's decision.

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